About Our Services

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to arrive at your home with food in the refrigerator, a fire set, and the grill out and ready for lighting? Or have you ever thought it would be nice to leave your home without having to spend the final days or hours cleaning and closing everything up; then asking yourself, "Did I remember everything?" What ever you wish to have done to your property; put in your home prior to your arrival or put away at the end of your stay is as easy as a phone call or email. We will always confirm what has been done and that your property has been checked and taken care of. You will never have to worry about a thing.

When you are away for several months Mountain Home and Ranch Caretakers can check your home as frequently as you desire (weekly, twice monthly, monthly or quarterly). Mountain Home and Ranch Caretakers will visit your property make sure that nothing has been disturbed and enter into your home for a room to room inspection. We will ensure that all doors and windows are locked; all gates and out-buildings are secured; make sure that the heater is still working and that pipes are not frozen; make sure that everything is of no concern in and around the property. During the winter months, we can arrange for snow removal; and any winterizing if needed.

Home check pricing may vary depending on the distance that may be required to travel to and from your home.

Additional services provided will be performed at a per man hour rate. Time to do the job, (time to and from home) and material purchased.

Other services provided consist of:

Carpentry - Repairs - Maintenance - Snow Shoveling - Snow Blowing - Backhoe Work - Gardening - Cleaning - Picking up or leaving client's vehicle at airport, etc. Each job is priced differently and an up-to-date rate sheet will be provided up request.

Bid Jobs

If you have a large job that needs overseeing or if you would like Mountain Home and Ranch Caretaking to bid out a job to be done on your home; this can be done on a hourly basis. Every job will be monitored as the project progresses, and we will send pictorial updates.

Internet Communication

Mountain Home and Ranch Caretakers like to stay in touch with our Clients and will frequently email updates regarding their property.

*Every Client is different and our services are flexible enough to meet every Client's needs.

*If you have any further questions regarding the services we offer please feel free to call us anytime
 (970) 749-3069 or 749-3072.

  Dennis & Judy Sipe  |  Phone: 970-749-3069 or 970-749-3072  |  Email: djsipe@animas.net            *We are bonded & insured