Owner Profiles

Dennis and Judy grew up together in a small town in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona . Since they got married in 1986, they have enjoyed the mountain lifestyle of southwestern Colorado . Dennis and Judy have been Caretaking as a couple since 1994 and have enjoyed being able to work together. They have two children and by Caretaking it has allowed them to spend more quality time with them. Before Caretaking, Dennis spent seven years owning and running his own heating and sheet metal business. Dennis is a licensed Environmental and Control Technician; he is able to run and maintain ranch equipment, vehicles, water systems, electrical, carpentry, plumbing, hvac, etc. He has knowledge securing premises, and monitoring fire alarm systems. Dennis has built several decks, and remodeled cabins (plumbing, heating, carpentry, electrical, demo, painting, etc.). Dennis has his own tools, and provides upkeep and preventative maintenance. He has overseen contractors, planned, coordinated and purchased supplies. Dennis also has horse, ranch and cultivating experience. He can operate ranch equipment; maintain fences, knowledge in sprinkler and irrigation systems, fertilization, pond maintenance and pest control. He is deadline driven and able to juggle multiple tasks. Judy has secretarial, bookkeeping, computer and real estate sale experience. Judy is fluently bilingual in Spanish; she loves gardening and plants and keeps the properties well cared for inside and out. Together they are a self-motivated, hardworking, casual family and they love to live a very quiet lifestyle.

A big part of Dennis and Judy's time is spent managing and caretaking two very unique ranches north of Durango Colorado . One ranch sits 7000 ft in the Durango area with 38 acres of beautiful, treed mountains surrounding it. This property is neatly set with a large main house, cabin, studio, barn, and caretaker residence. It is enhanced with one of Colorado 's sparkling clear creeks running through the center of the property and a beautiful pond. The second ranch consists of 180 acres; it is nestled in the Hermosa Canyon Cliffs just a few miles north of Durango . Dennis and Judy take great care of this and other properties in the area with maintenance, upkeep, and improvements. This same great care is taken in the summer when they make sure the outside of these properties are well kept. In the winter there is plenty of snow in the mountains and there is a lot of road clearing and snow shoveling that must be done. Dennis and Judy make sure that when the owners or guests of these properties arrive they relax and enjoy their stay. They want the Owners of these properties to have no worries while they are here or away.

Interests: Quiet, healthy, clean, mountain lifestyle. Together Dennis and Judy love to do stain glass as a hobby. Dennis alone does metal art work and they have made some very beautiful pieces.

Family interests: Camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, water and snow skiing. As a family they have enjoyed the experience caretaking has given them.

Dennis and Judy Sipe are able to provide management and total responsibility and care for your home or ranch. They are a reliable couple that cares for and provides peace of mind for the home owner.

  Dennis & Judy Sipe  |  Phone: 970-749-3069 or 970-749-3072  |  Email: djsipe@animas.net            *We are bonded & insured