Worry-Free Care of Your Mountain Home

While the pristine nature of the tall pines, natural rock and clear blue lakes is what draws more and more people to build their summer or vacation homes in the Four Corners Area, the need for caring and maintaining of these properties increases. Second homes require on-going maintenance and an occasional unexpected repair; this is why Mountain Home and Ranch Caretakers would like to give their clients the peace of mind knowing that their property is being cared for.

Mountain Home and Ranch Caretakers is based in the Durango/Bayfield area and is designed to the needs of each absentee homeowner. We work with each client to identify the services that they need and want to ensure that their property is well maintained.

Whether you are here only in the summer, vacation time or holidays there is always an occasion where a little help goes a long way towards comfortable living. Mountain Home and Ranch Caretakers look forward to hearing from you no matter what the request, large or small. We are in the area to provide a central, reliable contact for all property owners to take advantage of so call us today at 970-749-3069.

  Dennis & Judy Sipe  |  Phone: 970-749-3069 or 970-749-3072  |  Email: djsipe@animas.net            *We are bonded & insured
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